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Welcome To Hood Trail

I was born into the city life. Surrounded by sirens, graffiti and bodega music, I never thought to take time to quiet down. From birth, the chaos never stopped. My teen years were filled with illegal activity and partying. Eventually I ended up with an addiction. I attended rehab twice, with no success. The first time was in Arizona, where I was introduced to hiking. The beauty of the mountains was overwhelming and I quickly knew that something had changed in me and that nature would play a huge part in my healing. Hiking keeps me in the present moment and reminds me of the importance of redirection. The peace and happiness that I feel while hiking is something I am eternally grateful for. Hiking saved my life.

I knew there must be others that feel the same and I feel a sense of duty to bring the awareness of the outdoors to them. My clothes represent positivity, hope and inner strength. If you haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in nature, or if you already do, I want my clothes to inspire you to be your best and to live life outdoors… the Hood Trail way!

Growing up in New York’s urban/hip hop scene, fashion was a huge part of my life. My parents were immigrants and didn’t have much so I had to be creative with what I had. I was always looked to for fashion advice in my hood. Now I’m able to combine my urban sense of fashion with my love of hiking to bring an outdoor line different from anything you’ve ever seen. On the trails, fellow hikers are drawn to us because our clothes are vibrant and fun. Additionally, I chose to keep our clothes affordable because I don’t want to limit our consumers like other outdoor/fitness lines. Our clothes are made for everyone.

Hood Trail offers clothing for hiking, fitness, outdoors and everyday, but above all, our goal is to spread love and positivity to all that we are able to reach.

The Hood Trail MissionInspire you to get outside, be comfy and look fresh.

Hood Trail is currently collaborating with several community organizations helping to empower at-risk youth, get them outdoors and keep them from street life.

Hood Trail has created Hood Trail Riders, a community group for the youth to ride bicycles safely together. Along with myself, other mentors ride along spending time and bonding with the kids, with the goal of sharing some knowledge and spreading love. In June, we had our first ride-out which was a success. Be on the lookout for future ride-outs on Instagram @hoodtrail (and @hoodtrailriders, coming soon).

Please contact us if you would like to create a meaningful, lasting partnership.

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